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Better Dates With DateAdvisor

Better Dates With DateAdvisor

Good news for all those looking for love, long term partnerships, casual dates or hookups!

Did you know that you can simplify your dating life by using a comparison site which enables you and I to look for the dream date we’re aiming for?


Apparently, Date Advisor is not just made for one category alone, such as only for those looking for lifetime partnerships like marriage. In fact, this dating comparison site categorizes websites and apps according to 3 major classifications.

1)   Serious relationships

2)   Hookup and Flirt

3)   Online Sex

A Site That Helps You Simplify The Process

This is a dream site for those tired or annoyed of sifting all those websites for hours but end up disappointed because it’s not the site that matches their preferences or goals they have in mind when it comes to dating.

Date Advisor is your guide and all you have to do is to choose which category you’re in, narrow down your search and voila! Brace yourself for a plethora of potential dating partners presented right before your very eyes!

Yes, the possibilities are endless!

That’s why with Date Advisor, half of the battle is already won and no need to be confused with all the dizzying options you got. You can go dive in with your specific preferences and zero in on your ‘target’; in this way, you can focus your time and energy on someone you’re really attracted to and the types of people who also share the same expectations with yours.

Date Advisor Helps You Set Expectations

You see, it’s a different thing when you’re attracted to someone and the feeling is mutual, but it’s another thing when that person likes you back—and you have similar expectations when it comes to romance and dating.

To dig deeper, when feelings are already involved, it’s quite difficult when both parties don’t share similar expectations. Case in point: what if you’re both attracted to each other but then the other person is not ready to commit seriously as you want? Or vice versa? See what I mean?

When it comes to getting involved with another person for whatever underlying reasons or duration, in my opinion, it’s always best to set the records straight and set expectations from the start so as to avoid frustrations or heartaches.

What if you just want a casual thing but the other person is already visualizing his future with you, planning the rest of his/her life with you? You don’t want to break other peoples’ hearts just because your expectations don’t align together, right?

And that’s the beauty of Date Advisor. Because they already did the arduous job of filtering through a multitude of dating apps and websites and classified them into 3 of the usual romantic stages or preferences, it’s now easier to find that suitable partner for you. One that’s apt with your standards, taste and most especially, your expectations.

So that right from the start, you know what you’re getting into and set the expectations straight, therefore, the path to getting to know another person on a romantic level (and eventually to whatever it is you want to achieve) will be less stressful though nobody can promise it to be that seamless and smooth-sailing.

Because in life especially in love, we all have to take risks and you just have to know who are those worthy of your time.

Millennials and even those not so young ones are lucky these days with a tool like this to help navigate the crowded world of online dating. True to its name, Date Advisor really helps in advising people whom to look for when it comes to their potential dates.

Tags for easy Search of Categories

The site also has “Tags” wherein you can easily see the usually searched terms in dating particularly if you want to try those unconventional forms of dating such as:

·        Threesome

·        Cybersex

·        Swingers

·        Hookup

·   BDSM  (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism and Masochism—think like Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey)

And if you’re looking for a date that’s focused on a certain nationality, then there are tags for that:

·        Russian Dating

·        Latina Dating

·        Asian Dating

If you have a certain gender preference for your date, then they also feature apps and websites with Tags under, “Gay Dating

If you want to date an older woman especially moms, then Date Advisor gives you websites under the Tag, “Milf Dating” Milf is short for Mothers I’d Like to Fuck.

Now, more than ever, with Date Advisor, it’s easier to pick that suitable date with all the choices you have, but this time narrowed down to your preferences and geolocalization.